We Finished Our First 5K! 1 Birthday Down, 2 to Go!

Ok… so like… we totally got wrapped up in like life and totally forgot to update the blog. So like yea… BUT

We completed our first 5K! ::crowd cheers:: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are appreciated.

Overall I think it was super fun day. We had a huge sleepover the night before filled with pizza and anticipation. The morning of the race we all woke up and put on our super cute shirts (sans the fellas) and packed 7 deep into my truck for a nice ride to Flushing Meadows Park. No one warned us that we would have to walk an entire 5K from the parking lot to the starting line… but it’s cool. That was our warm up. Not much to say about the race except:

We came. We ran. We conquered.

After crossing the finish line and taking tons of selfies, we finally celebrated with a nice FREE beer while trying to regain feeling in our frozen limbs. Awesomeness. Who doesn’t love beer at 10am? Oh and how could I forget that one of our friends took home a medal for finishing first in his age division! How cool! Great job Nick!

Lastly, Corin and I started the electric slide at the official Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon After Party… Like a BOSS. Well like a pair of BOSSES.

We finished the day with more beer, wings and cake. Of course there was cake… we still had to celebrate my birthday! 🙂

Official Race Quotes

Sophia: “I finished under 45 minutes. Which was my goal. So I’m happy even though the little 5-year-old was taunting me the whole time.”

Corin: “My butt still hurts.”

Steph: Click Here

Until next time… enjoy our super cute pictures.

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Hey Steph, are you ready for July?


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