Yikes! Stop Moving So Fast!

Life. I’m taking to you, life. Stop being rude and give me time to blog!

Anyway, here are my updates:

– I lost 10lbs
– I lost some inches according to my extremely supportive and no need to lie co-workers.
– I don’t like my hair straight anymore. Curly hair FOR LIFFFFFEEEE!!!
– Zumba 5 – Sophia 0. Yea… Let’s move on.
– I stalk bigredkitchen.com every week for meals. I’m also satisfied every time I eat because her recipes are AWESOME.
– I ran a 5K in 42 mins this week. That’s progress, bro. Back in December it took me a little over an hour. Whoa.
– I have cool friends and I appreciate them and their texts of encouragement and suggestions.
– Team “All Stars Dye Hard” is growing and I’m super excited for the The Color Run.
– Those 10lbs was an estimate. Lol. Screw scales!
– My MacBook hard drive crashed. Woe is me. Currently accepting all pity and laptop donations.

Well, those are my updates! Adios!



About Buxxy

Just a student loan baby trying to make it in an cold cold world....
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