My 2013 S.W.O.T.

Ever since I can remember, rather than writing New Years Resolutions, my mother had us write S.W.O.T.s. Those of you in corporate America may be familiar with this tool for evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a project, company or in this case an individual. As a child, it was a bit lost on me, but as an adult It is one of the most useful gifts I use to prepare myself for the new year. It helps me look at the thing I need to work on (Weaknesses) to achieve what I want to do (Opportunities). It also allows me to capitalize on my resources (Strengths) to get rid of things that stand in my way (Threats).

My S.W.O.T. is very personal. I normally only share it with my mother but this year, I’ll share it with all of you in hopes to possibly inspire and relate my achievments and failures. I know the likelihood of fulfilling all of my goals is kind of up in the air but losses can inspire just as much as wins. (said no one ever). Have a Wonderful, Blessed, Fun, Happy New Year!

S.W.O.T for 2013




Philly Improv Theater

  • Hot Dish
  • Dog Mountain
  • Cagematch

Steph & Soph


UCB Diversity Scholarship

5k for the Birthday

Miss New Jersey USA Pageant (?)

The PIT Scholarship

Find a better Job (in a better city)


Lack of $$$$$$


Lack of Focus


Lack of Time



Lack of $$


Lack of a Degree

Sallie Mae/Citibank/Nelnet


  •   UCB Diversity     Scholarship (Application due Jan. 11)
  • Easily run 3 5 K’s (March 2013, July 2013, December 2013)
  • Achieve 15-20% body     fat by December
  • Complete Insanity     Again
  • Complete and perform     a Stand-up set
  • Take Ballet Classes
  • Go on three auditions     per month
  • Book a Voice-Over gig
  •  Move to New York     (August)
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