Fast Away, The Old Year Passes

The new year always seems the appropriate time to start fresh. Begin a new. It’s the dawning of your rebirth as a physical fitness demi-god monster truck… until about day 3 when you’re stuffing your face with a hoagie courtesy of your offices free lunch Fridays. IT’S FREE…right?! …meh. Training your body to eat the appropriate amount of the appropriate type of food at the appropriate time of day is probably the most difficult thing for me personally.

So here’s my plan (feel free to follow suit):

Now- January 1st: Eat and drink whatever I want (YES!)
Logic: I’m giving in to my wants now because I know come 2013, my body and my tastebuds probably won’t be too content with what I consume and how much. It’s kind of an “I’m Sorry in advance.” Also, if I fulfill all of my cravings now, I won’t crave them for a while. There’s obviously no scientific backing behind that statement but hey… I know my body, ok.

Jan. 2- Jan. 10: Detox Fast

Logic: I personally do a 7 day detox. This gives me strict guidelines to follow which help me alter my eating habits. Though it is difficult, I find that by the 7th day my body has fully adjusted to eating non-processed foods, less carbs and less fatty meats. Fasts and Detoxes aren’t for everyone. There are precautions you should take before doing either one. Make sure that whatever you are doing, you are still recieving all of the vital nutrients your body needs. Also, it is not wise to combine fasting and detoxing with rigorous excercise. You’re already putting your body through THE MOST. At least let it chill out a bit.

Jan. 11- Forever: Be Awesome.
Logic: Pretty Self explanatory

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. First update: It’s Free lunch friday. I had chinese food.

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