Dear Ankles…

Stop being rude. You are swollen and you make me feel unpretty ::cues TLC:: .

How I feel….

A quick little back story: One of my best friends is a med student. So obviously I call her every 2 seconds to see if I am dying. Most of the time she tells me I am in under 3 minutes… talk about health care quality in ‘Merica.

I started the Couch to 5K training program last week and I have been paying since. It works, but good grief, it is hard to complete. Those 6 a.m. runs are forcing me to change EVERYTHING. I now go to bed as early as possible. Anyway, while at work yesterday I realized that my ankles look like hams. 😦 Could it be all the running? Is it due to my refusal to run/walk less than 3.1 miles during my run days? Did I put the cart before the horse? Do I have to stop? Will they stay swollen forever? Am I doomed to a life of pants? What about my booties? What will I wear for NYE if I can’t wear my booties?

With all of these questions running in my head I called Dr. BFF and she gave me zero advice as expected. I then did what everyone else would have done in my position; I searched the interwebs. Surely I could not be the only novice runner experiencing swollen ankles. According to the world-wide web, I am for sure dying. I might even have an incurable brain tumor and I should have seen a doctor weeks ago… before the swelling.

After wiping my tears of panic, I searched some running specific sites and realized that I am in fact OK. I may need new running shoes or I may need to slow down a bit. Apparently, my body (who hates running and never really ran before) is shocked by my new 5K goal. That combined with the fact that I will only run outdoors (I loathe the treadmill) is kicking my tail! Who knew? I guess it makes sense. I just want to get the “runner’s high” but I have a feeling that it doesn’t really exist just like Rick Ross’s ability to keep a shirt on…

I write all of this to say, I am no longer stressed out about my swollen ankles. I guess it’s a casualty of war. I knew running wasn’t going to be pretty but at least I am running! Maybe I should wrap my ankles or get some new socks. Man, I don’t know. If you have any tips please share.

¡Adiós mi gente!


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Just a student loan baby trying to make it in an cold cold world....
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